Conditions photoshoot

The result of the photoshoot will be:

  • Archive with processed photos for printing and photos for posting on the web (in the Web folder) sent by Dropbox.
  • The best photos are selected and processed.
  • Additionally, you can order a photo book with your photos and a usb-drive with photos of your photoshoot.


All the details of the photoshoot are discussed after the prepayment.

Delivery time photos are from one to two months! For wedding from one to three months.
Express photo processing: + 50% to the selected complex services.

Raw images are not available!

Your photos are a presentation of my work. I can promoute my photo services, showing photos from your photoshoots. So I reserve the right to use a selection of photos from the photoshoots for my presentation and promotion of my services. If you would like a private photoshoot, let me know when ordering a photoshoot.