Conditions photoshoot

The selection photos

There are two ways:

  • The customer chooses photos in online gallery. For example, from 500 photos taken at a photo shoot, the photographer chooses the 200 best photos, send you a link to them to your email, where you can choose your favorite photos for processing on them.
  • The photographer chooses the best photos. The photographer chooses the number of photos that are included in the package which one you have choosen, work on them and send you the finished result. + The photographer sending a link to the remaining photos, from which you can already choose additional photos to work on them, focusing on the result.

Processing of photos

All photos are color-corrected, light-corrected, cropped, and basic portrait retouching.

Photo processing time

  • The estimated processing time of photos:
    • 10-15 business days

Sending photos

Photos are sent using cloud storages One Drive or Dropbox. All photos are sent in print quality and for posting on the web.
Only processed photos are sent, RAW photos(unedited) are not available.

Publishing photos

All photo shoots are private, but the photographer can to post customer’s photos in portfolio with customer’s permission.