Woman Photoshoot in park Grebovka, Prague

Woman Photoshoot in park Grebovka, Prague

Havlíčkovy sady(park Grébovka) in Prague is one of the quiet places in Prague, which has: artificial Grotto, view of Prague, Gröbe’s Villa, gazebo Grébovka, Café Pavilion Grébovka, slope with waterfall, artificial lake, playground for kids and beautiful nature a whole year.

The park is located on a hilly area, and it can be accessed from several sides.
I prefer to meet for a photo shoot at the top of the park near the artificial Grotto, so that we can go down quietly during the photo shoot.

The park is located near the Peace Square(Metro A – green line)


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Below you can see photos taken in summer in Grebovka Park in Prague: