Surprise photoshoot in Prague for your partner

Surprise photoshoot in Prague for your partner

Planning a photo shoot for a partner or friend requires creativity to keep it a surprise. So that partner doesn’t guess about the upcoming event. Especially if the photo shoot is early in the morning on the Charles Bridge in Prague.

Here are some ideas of what you can tell to your partner to prepare for a surprise photo shoot:

  1. Romantic dawn: Tell your partner /friend that you would like to watch the sunrise together. It is one of the most romantic moments in Prague. Offer to take some photos as a keepsake.
  2. Morning walk around the city: Suggest an early walk around Prague to avoid the crowds of tourists and enjoy the secluded streets. It can be mentioned that this is a good chance to take unique joint photos of the city without tourists while the city is sleeping.
  3. Admiring architecture: If your partner/friend or you like architecture, suggest an early morning for photographing the architectural sights of Prague, when the light is most suitable for this and there are no tourists. It is a bit similar to the previous one, but the reason is different
  4. Photo shoot as a morning surprise: Say that you have planned a small surprise for her/him and want to start it at dawn on the Charles Bridge, without revealing details until the last moment. (You need to be more careful with this, since a woman can expect more than a photo shoot, for example, a marriage proposal, unless of course this is your goal – tap here to know more)
  5. Early breakfast: Say that you want to please your partner/friend with an early breakfast/brunch in one of the cozy cafes that open early in the morning, and offer to walk to this place across the Charles Bridge for beautiful views or any other meeting place previously agreed with the photographer. (It is advisable to go to a cafe after the photo shoot, too)
  6. Visit a famous cafe: Tell your partner/friend about a cafe famous for its breakfasts and stylish audience, where you have long wanted to go together, and suggest dressing for the occasion. It’s a bit like the previous one, but it differs in the reason (It’s advisable to go to a cafe after the photo shoot, too)
  7. Gift to parents: You can say that you would like to surprise your parents by giving them a beautiful portrait together, so you need to prepare and look your best.
  8. Photo project for a blog: If your partner is interested in social media or runs a blog, offer to help her take a series of professional photos for partner’s/friend’s page, as part of a large project. (You’re like a photographer)
  9. Photography as a hobby: You can say that you want to improve your photography skills and ask your partner/friend to be your model at dawn, when the light is perfect for shooting. (If you really practice photography)
  10. Picnic at dawn: Offer to have a picnic at one of the most beautiful places in Prague, claiming that it will be an unforgettable romantic moment.


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