Process of working with photographer in Prague

Process of working with photographer in Prague

Hello, I welcome you to the photographer’s website in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic!

Below you can find more detailed information about me as a photographer, about my works and the steps of the photo shoot.

My name is Alena Gurenchuk. I have been photographing in Prague and other beautiful places of the Czech Republic since 2014. I love taking pictures of the real you. Every person is beautiful, and sometimes he does not even know about it.

The portfolio can be found: here
You can see more details about each photo session I conducted: here
For convenience, the shooting date is marked so that you can orient yourself in what clothes in what month you will be comfortable.

Places for a photo shoot: here

Reviews about working with me: here

Before the meeting at the photo shoot, we discuss the details: clothes for the photo shoot, the location of the photo shoot, the time of the photo shoot, the preparation for the shoot itself(especially if you are at the photo shoot for the first time), the weather forecast for the day of the photo shoot, privacy and your wishes.
At a photo shoot, you just enjoy the process. If necessary, I help with posing, I will definitely tell you where and how best to stand, but I prefer movement in the frame.
Additional payment, if necessary, is made by the client for the photographer. For example, payment for the entrance to the territory of castles or parks, for transport tickets or taxi payment when moving to another place of the photo shoot, for the road outside Prague, for additional time of the photo shoot(you can pay by card or in cash) All payments are discussed in advance, and usually are not unexpected(only in unforeseen circumstances, even for me)

After the photo shoot there are two options:
1. For example, from 500 photos taken at a photo shoot, I choose the 200 best photos, send you a link to them to your email, where you can choose the ones you like for further work on them.
2. I choose the number of photos that are included in the package to my taste, work on them and send you the finished result. + I am sending a link to the remaining photos, from which you can already choose additional photos to work on them, focusing on the result.

The number of photos depends on the selected service package.
You can get acquainted with them: here

The availability of photos depends on the selected option above, but usually up to 5 working days from the date of the photo shoot.

After working on the photos, I send you an email with a link to the cloud to download the finished photos.
After all the above process, I will be glad to receive feedback from you about working with me.
For information about how and where to leave a review, you can see: here

And most importantly, if you have any questions, then be sure to write to me.

Contact me:
Photographer Alena Gurenchuk
Instagram: alenagurenchuk
Phone: +420 608 916 324
(Telegram, WhatsApp , Viber)
Email: [email protected]

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