Photo shoot for Instagram in Prague

Photo shoot for Instagram in Prague

Many people would like to get photos immediately after the photo shoot, and share them with parents, friends, husband, children, with subscribers in social networks. Many people do not need retouching, many people do not want to wait about a month for their photos.

I offer you a photo shoot on the phone in Prague.

Is it familiar to you when you ask another person to take a picture of you, and you do not like the way you turned out, legs-hands are not in the frame or seem short, blinked, hair from the wind on the half-face…and upset you do just take a picture of a beautiful view. And you send only this.

I’ll tell you how to get up, where to look, and at the same time do a lot of shots on your phone, from which you will be able to choose what you like. I will also make a short video of your holiday in Prague.

The cost of a mobile photo shoot in Prague is 1400 CZK/hour.