Help with choosing outfits for a photo shoot

Assistance in choosing outfits for a photo shoot is a consultation with a photographer, including:

  • outside perspective
  • recommendations for choosing outfits

Consultation process:

  • That’s what I do:

    • I am sending you a checklist “Preparing for a photo shoot”. You can find out more here: Checklist №1 Preparing for a photo shoot
    • after that, we decide together whether it will be enough to choose from your wardrobe or whether you plan to go shopping
    • I can make a list of links to certain clothes in stores, according to your wishes, so that you can purposefully go to some stores or order online.(If you don’t have time to choose clothes, but really want something new)
    • we agree on a certain time or day for fitting clothes at home or going shopping. The consultation time is limited to 1 hour (everything only online)
    • we discuss all the details via WhatsApp/Telegram
    • I’m writing my recommendations on clothes after viewing the photos sent by you
  • That’s what you do:

    • trying on the planned clothes
    • photo/video* selfie or reflection in the mirror. (for men it will be enough to take a photo from the front, for women it is better to record short videos)
    • make sure that the color of the clothes in the photos / videos coincides with reality
    • send a detailed photo if there is any pattern or texture of the fabric

How to make a photo/video correctly?

  • Put the phone on the surface (preferably at waist level) and turn on the video recording every time in new clothes.
  • During the recording of the video, you need to circle around yourself, raise your arms – lower your arms, bring your straight arms in front, jump.
  • If you would not like to send a video to me for help in choosing, then you will be able to assess by yourself from the video how comfortable you were to move in these clothes, how much you like yourself in it, how many times you adjusted your clothes after each movement. And in this case, send me only a photo in the clothes you like.

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